Kimberley ter Heerdt
Graphic & Editorial Design
+31 (0) 6 536 324 19
Freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer (1994, NL) located in Amsterdam, NL. Graduated from Graphic Design/Experimental Publishing at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem.

Currently available for freelance inquiries and opportunities to collaborate with others.
Clients Include: DAE Design Academy Eindhoven, Stichting Metropolis M. Magazine, De Ateliers, Gwangju Biennale, Mattmo, VBAT, CKSK Amsterdam and more.

#2&3 of The Monetisation of Language by Google Adwords which is a hybrid publishing model (Distributor > Manuscript > Php > Md > Pdf > Lulu API > Publication) made with the Google Adwords system where the amount of money leads the narrative of the book. This publishing model allows you to buy a re-written, most commercial and profitable most profitable version of its original text. Momentary looking for writers to work together on further development of this project, feel free to contact.

[2012-present] Freelance Graphic Designer
[2019-2020] Graphic Designer Studio Remco van Bladel
[2013-2014] Design Intern & Graphic Designer VBAT
[2013] Graphic Designer CKSK Amsterdam
[2012] Design Intern & Freelancer 2 Mattmo Concept | Design

[2021] Metropolis M Magazine, No.1 2021 Diaspora Dialogen

[2020] Launch Design Academy Eindhoven Identity
[2020] Launch Metropolis M,Edition 1
[2019] Launch catalogue at Stedelijk Museum, of The Best Dutch Book Designs Student Jury together with Zsa Zsa Tuffy
[2019] ¼ Student Jury of The Best Dutch Book Designs 2018, NL, BNO.
[2018] Exposition of '01.01.20' at the NeMe Gallery in Collaboration with The Institute of Network Cultures Limassol, CY.
[2018] Internship ZeroDotZero, NL
[2017] Nomination & Exposition Crypto Design Awards, Paradiso, NL
[2017] Followed Research/Experimental Publishing Platform, ArtEZ lead by Thomas Castro and Remco van Bladel, NY
[2017] Published in Re:Thinking the Blockchain by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones & Sam Skinner. 2016 Exposition at 3 sec Gallery, Breda 2016 Talk at The Hmm, LIMA, NL